Background policy evidence

We collect evidence through case studies and also use data gathered by other bodies to inform our planning policy making processes. Evidence is continually gathered in key areas with some documents updated regularly and others only when required.

The evidence documents are listed below under the key areas that need to be considered in planning policy making. The documents listed under each area will help you understand how policies have been influenced and shaped:

Forest Heath Local Plan background evidence

Paragraph 158 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that, 'Each local planning authority should ensure that the Local Plan is based on adequate, up-to-date and relevant evidence about the economic, social and environmental characteristics and prospects of the area'.

We have used a number of documents/methods based on research and evidence to help inform and develop the April 2016 Forest Heath Core Strategy Single Issue Review (SIR) Preferred Option and the Site Allocations Local Plan (SALP) Preferred Options document.

This report sets out the key evidence that has been used, with a short summary of the purpose and description of content. The evidence base documents referred to in this report can be read the Forest Heath Local Plan Background Evidence page (updated March 2017)


West Suffolk Forest Heath St Edmundsbury
Western Suffolk employment land study 2008-2025 Forest Heath employment land review 2016 St Edmundsbury employment land review 2017
    St Edmundsbury industrial and business land availability study June 2007


West Suffolk Forest Heath St Edmundsbury
Stone Curlew Buffers in the Brecks (2016) Forest Heath strategic flood risk assessment level 2 October 2011 St Edmundsbury rural sites 2012 ecological assessment
Visitor Survey Results from Breckland SPA (May 2011) Forest Heath water cycle study stage 2: full strategy October 2011 St Edmundsbury rural sites 2010 ecological assessment
Strategic flood risk assessment and water cycle study 2009 PPG17: An Assessment of Open Space, Sport and Recreation Facilities in Forest Heath
Overview and Summary November 2008
Bury St Edmunds district heating study 2011
Braintree District, Haverhill and Clare water cycle study 2009 Forest Heath supporting statement natural environment 2009 St Edmundsbury green infrastructure 2009
Joint Infrastructure and environmental capacity appraisal 2009    
Suffolk landscape character assessment    


West Suffolk Forest Heath St Edmundsbury
District profile - (Datashine:Census) or (Suffolk Observatory) Forest Heath Settlement Profiles 2016 Bury St Edmunds Vision 2031 infrastructure delivery plan January 2014
    Haverhill Vision 2031 infrastructure delivery plan January 2014
    Rural Vision 2031 infrastructure delivery plan January 2014 - to follow
    Site Submissions (St Edmundsbury) Vision 2031
    St Edmundsbury Prince's Foundation Vision 2031 final report 2011
    St Edmundsbury core strategy infrastructure delivery plan April2010


West Suffolk Forest Heath St Edmundsbury
Brownfield Register Update on Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) in the Cambridge Sub-Region Housing Market Area – February 2017 St Edmundsbury housing requirements study 2005
Self-build and custom housebuilding register A note for clarification by Cambridgeshire County Council Research Group to support Forest Heath District Council in objectively assessing and evidencing development needs for housing - January 2017  
West Suffolk gypsy and traveller accommodation needs assessment (GTANA) update 2016 Forest Heath Objectively Assessed Housing Need January and August 2016  
West Suffolk Strategic Housing Land and Economic Availability Assessment(SHELAA) Forest Heath Market Signals and Objectively Assessed Housing Need February 2016  
Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2013 (SHMA) Forest Heath trends in economy, population and housing November 2011  
West Suffolk gypsy and traveller accommodation needs assessment (GTANA) update 2012    
West Suffolk housing strategy    


West Suffolk Forest Heath St Edmundsbury
Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury Retail Impact Threshold Advice 2014 Forest Heath Retail and Leisure Study 2016 St Edmundsbury Retail and Leisure Study 2016
  Forest Heath Retail and Town Centre Study 2011 St Edmundsbury retail appraisal report January 2012
  Forest Heath supporting statement, retail March 2009  
  Forest Heath retail and town centre study 2006  


West Suffolk Forest Heath St Edmundsbury
Suffolk local transport plan (Suffolk County Council website) Forest Heath AECOM, transport impact study 2009 Bury St Edmunds junction assessments 2013
    Haverhill transport assessment 2010
    Bury St Edmunds transport impacts November 2009

Historic documents

Our planning policies are also underpinned by national planning policy produced by central government.