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Joint infrastructure and environmental capacity appraisal 2009

Final report May 2009 Appendix 1 - policy summary Appendix 2a - spatial plan document Appendix 2b - Brandon and Lakenheath
Appendix 2c - Newmarket Appendix 2d - Mildenhall and Red Lodge Appendix 2e - Bury St Edmunds Appendix 2f - Haverhill and Kedington
Appendix 2g - Barrow and Risby Appendix 2h - Ixworth and Stanton Appendix 2i - Clare Appendix 2j - Wickhambrook
Appendix 3 - settlement proformas Appendix 4 - overall cost requirements Appendix 5 - settlement infrastructure tipping points Appendix 6 - phasing and marginal impact assessment
Appendix 7 - statement of stakeholder engagement Appendix 8 - settlement overviews    

Joint strategic flood risk assessment and water cycle study 2009

Main strategic flood risk report Study area north Study area south Brandon flood risk
Bury St Edmunds east Bury St Edmunds west Clare - flood risk Haverhill - flood risk
Hopton - flood risk Ixworth - flood risk Lakenheath flood risk Mildenhall - flood risk
Moulton - flood risk Newmarket - flood risk Stanton

Potential sites in flood zone 2 and 3

Braintree District, Haverhill and Clare water cycle study 2009

Executive summary and introduction

Water resources and public water supply

Integrated recommendations and guidance
Development and growth Water quality and waste water treatment References
The water cycle Sustainable drainage Appendices


Site Submissions (St Edmundsbury)

Sites - Bardwell to Bury St Edmunds Sites - Cavendish to Great Whelnetham Sites - Great Wratting to Stansfield Sites - Stanton to Wordwell

Bardwell SS72; WS14

Barnham SS83

Barningham WS20; WS33; WS41; AS15; SS11.12

Barrow SS55; SS117; WS32; WS50; WS64; WS76; WS77; SP3; SS11.1; SS11.2; SS11.3; SS12.1

Bradfield St George SS32

Bury St Edmunds SS5; SS11; SS36; SS37; SS39; SS40; SS41; SS48; SS56; SS61; SS62; SS73; SS77; SS84; SS87; SS89; SS94; SS95; SS107; SS112; SS114; SS115; SS119; SS122; SS126; SS128; SS130; WS7; WS16; WS55; WS56; WS65; SS11.8; SS11.9; SS11.10; SS11.11; SS12.9; SS12.10; SS12.14; SS12.15; SS12.16

Cavendish SS11.14

Chedburgh SS24; SS25; SS29; SS30; SS31; SS47; SS49; SS50; SS11.5

Chevington SS123; AS01; AS02

Clare SS90; SS91; SS92; WS1; WS2; WS5; WS29; WS61; SS12.7

Coney Weston SS78; SP6

Cowlinge SS67; SS68; WS17; AS12

Denham SS59; WS74; WS75; AS13; SP4; SP5

Flempton SS45; WS27

Fornham All Saints SS38; SS42; SS43; SS44; SS107a; WS28; AS06

Fornham St Genevieve SS19; SS93; WS9

Fornham St Martin SS71; SS108; WS3; WS15

Great Barton SS16; SS33; SS102; SS103; WS48; WS53; AS10; SS12.12

Great Saxham WS62

Great Thurlow SS105; SS109; AS16; SS12.5
Great Whelnetham WS57; SS11.6; SS12.2 Great Wratting SS26; SS12.13 Haverhill SS12; SS14; SS27; SS104; SS111; SS120; WS19; WS70; WS71; AS07 Hengrave SS101; WS26 Honington SS65; SS80; SS81; SS82
Hopton SS1; SS7; SS17; SS60; SS69; SS97; SS98; SS121; WS31; WS80; AS09; SS11.7 Horringer SS15; SS52; SS53; SS124 Hundon SS57; SS58; SS85; SS100; WS13; WS24; WS45; WS66; AS14; AS17 Ingham SS66; SS74; SS12.8 Ixworth SS70; SS75; WS43

Kedington SS129; WS44; WS52; AS03

Lackford SS51; SS54; AS08

Little Thurlow WS42

Little Whelnetham WS21; WS51 Market Weston SS79; SS96
Pakenham SS20; SS125; WS54; WS79 Risby SS113; SS118; WS46; WS60; S11.13; SS12.4 Rougham SP1; SP2 Stanningfield SS127; WS10; WS11

Stansfield WS35; WS36; WS37

Stanton SS8; SS9; SS13; SS21; SS22; SS23; SS28; SS34; SS75; SS86; S88; WS4; WS8; WS12; WS18; WS25; WS30; WS47; WS49; WS67; WS68; WS69; WS72; AS18; SS11.4; SS12.6; SS12.11 Stoke by Clare WS58; WS59 Stradishall SS63 Troston SS18; SS35; SS99 Westley SS6; SS46; WS22;
West Stow SS2; SS4 Wickhambrook S116; SS131; WS38; WS39; WS40; WS73; AS04; AS05; SS12.3 Withersfield SS64; SS106; SS110; WS6; WS34; WS63; WS78 Wordwell SS3  

SS Sites - Spring Site Submissions submitted between April and May 2008 (SS1-SS131)
WS Sites - Winter Site Submissions submitted between November 2008 and January 2009 (WS1-WS80)
AS Sites - Autumn Site Submissions submitted between August and October 2009 (AS1-AS18)
SP Sites - Spring Site Submissions submitted between April and June 2010 (SP1-SP6)
SS11 Sites - Site Submissions submitted during the 2011 Issues Consultations between February and May 2011 (SS11.1-SS11.14)
SS12 Sites - Site Submissions submitted during the Preferred Options Vision 2031 consultations between March and April 2012 (SS12.1-SS12.10)


St Edmundsbury retail appraisal report January 2012

Main retail appraisal report Appendix   1 - study area and zones Appendix   2 - household survey results Appendix   3 - street survey results
Appendix   4 - Bury St Edmunds town centre boundary Appendix   5 - PRMS pedestrian flowcount report May 2010 Appendix   6 - Haverhill town centre boundary plan Appendix   7 - convenience analysis
Appendix   8 - comparison analysis Appendix   9 - expansion areas analysis Appendix 10 - proposed PSA and PSFs Appendix 11 - potential development sites


Bury St Edmunds junction assessments 2013

letter from Suffolk County Council - BSE Vision 2031 - Transport A14 Junction 43 - Central Out Risbygate - Westley Road roundabout option Risbygate Parkway lights and crossings on all roads Westgate and Parkway roundabout and crossings on Cullum Road Cullum Road - Wilks Road - Nowton Road traffic lights
Junction assessment 2013 technical note A14 Junction 44 - Moreton Hall Rougham Road Northgate roundabout - retention of roundabout Risbygate Parkway lights and crossings on Parkway only Rougham Hill and Rougham Road roundabout Cullum Road - Wilks Road - Nowton Road with staggered pedestrian crossings
Key plan Out Risbygate - Westley Road Northgate roundabout - lights and staggered pedestrian and cycle crossings Westgate and Parkway lights and crossings on all roads Southgate Green  
14 Junction 42 - Westley

Out Risbygate - Westley Road alternative

Northgate roundabout - lights and straight across pedestrian and cycle crossings Westgate and Parkway lights and crossings on Parkway and Cullum Road only Cullum Road - Wilks Road - Nowton Road roundabout