What is building regulations approval?

You will usually need building regulation approval if you:

  • erect a new building
  • extend or alter an existing building
  • add certain facilities or services such as new windows, sanitary facilities or some electrical work

The building control team ensures that any building work meets minimum regulations.

Who is responsible for getting building regulation approval?

If you are employing a builder the responsibility of getting building regulation approval will be theirs.  But make sure you check this with them first. If you are doing the work yourself, it is your responsibility.

Who inspects the building work?

A building control officer will inspect the building work at various stages throughout the project. If all the regulations have been met then you will be given a Completion Certificate when the work is finished. For information visit: Planning Portal, site inspections

How much will it cost?

The cost of applying for approval varies depending on the type of building work you are doing. Please contact the building control department for a quote.

What do I need to get building regulation approval?

You will need to apply for building regulation approval by submitting an application. There are two types of application:

Full Plans application

This application should preferably be made well in advance of when the work is due to start, it will also need to contain plans and all other construction details. You will need:

  • two sets of detailed plans of the building including elevations, sections and technical notes and any calculations
  • a scale plan of the building including its immediate surrounding area
  • any fees

More details can be found at: Planning Portal, full plans

Building notice application

This application is appropriate for minor building work in your home, you will need:

  • a description or plan of the work
  • any fees

More details can be found at: Planning Portal, building notice

Are there any exemptions?

Some building work is exempt and will not need building regulation approval. The Planning Portal has more detail about what buildings are exempt: Planning Portal, exemptions

Help and advice

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