Buskers can provide pleasure to many people, both local and visitors. However for some people, particularly those who work or live in the town centres, busking can become a problem if it continues for too long, is intrusive and unreasonably disturbs a person’s normal activities.

We don't license busking, so anybody can set up and perform at any time. In an attempt to minimise disturbance, we do however ask buskers to adhere to the general guidance we have produced, the aim being to provide advice about how busking can continue for the enjoyment of all and without the need for involvement from the council and the risk of formal action.

We do not have the power to require buskers to comply with the advice provided in the leaflet. The council would wish to explain the guidance in the first instance and then, if the busking was to persist, and it could be demonstrated that an unreasonable, and substantial interference was occurring due to the actions of an individual busker, formal action for statutory nuisance would be taken.

If a busker is causing a disturbance, try speaking to them first. They may not be aware of the recommendations contained in the guidance. If they do not respond positively to your request and continue to perform in a manner that causes concern then provide information to the council, as we would wish to speak to the busker and reiterate the guide. Persistent busking by an individual in breach of the guidance could result in formal action being taken.

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