Lapsed premises licence

If a premises licence has lapsed because the licence holder has died, been declared bankrupt or suffers mental incapacity then an 'interim authority notice' needs to be given to the licensing authority. This notice can be given by someone who has a 'prescribed interest' in the premises for example:

  • the notice giver is a representative of the deceased licence holder 
  • the notice giver has power of attorney over the affairs of the licence holder (in cases of mental incapacity)
  • the notice giver is an insolvency practitioner

The interim authority notice must be given within seven days starting from the day after the original licence lapsed. The cost of an interim authority notice is £23. You will need to apply for a notice from your licensing authority. The licensing authority is usually the council where the premises is located. If you do not know who that is, you can find out by going to Gov.UK, find your local council

If you want to apply for an interim authority notice, click the following link and scroll down to the document titled 'Interim authority notice under the Licensing Act 2023':

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