Neighbourhood Planning in Exning

Exning Neighbourhood Area designation

We have considered Exning Parish Council's application to designate a neighbourhood area. The area originally encompassed land that is already designated under the Newmarket Area Designation of 23 December 2015, and areas are not permitted to overlap.

Following consideration by the council, Exning Parish Council have amended the neighbourhood area for Exning, reducing the area applied for from their original application of 20 January 2018, but still encompassing some of the land transferred to the Parish of Exning under the Community Governance Review decision effective 1 April 2018. Newmarket Town Council has provided its consent to modify their existing designation neighbourhood area.

On 15 June 2018 the Portfolio Holder for Planning and Growth formally designated the neighbourhood areas for Exning and Newmarket as shown below:

This will facilitate the preparation of a neighbourhood plan by Exning Parish Council, and enable further development of the neighbourhood plan under preparation by Newmarket Town Council.

Exning Neighbourhood Area consultation - now closed

Between 9am Thursday 15 February and 5pm Thursday 29 March 2018, (6 weeks), we undertook a consultation following an application by Exning Parish Council to identify the area they felt should be covered by a future neighbourhood plan.

As part of the application process, Exning Parish Council has produced a map of the proposed neighbourhood area and a supporting statement reasoning why they have chosen the area to be covered. These documents can be viewed below:

Please note that this is not a consultation on whether a neighbourhood plan should be produced, but the identification of the Area which the parish council wish to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan for.

We are keen to hear the views of people who live, work and carry out business in the area.  Responses should focus on whether the area is appropriate to be used for the Exning Neighbourhood Plan. Please reply in writing, anonymous replies cannot be accepted. All information received is public information (subject to the Data Protection Act). Comments can be submitted via email or by post using the details below:

Strategic Planning
West Suffolk Council
College Heath Road
IP28 7EY

Responses must be received before 5pm on Thursday 29 March, when the consultation period ends.

The responses will be considered in determining the application, to ensure that the area defined is appropriate. The decision will be published on the council’s website by 17 May 2018.

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