Apply for a larger bin

If your household is regularly producing more waste that will fit into your bin then it may be possible to provide you with a larger bin, providing you meet our criteria:

  • you are a large family with all members living in the home full time or
  • someone in the household has a medical condition which produces a large amount of waste

In the first instance we would potentially provide you with a larger blue wheeled bin. If a household does not meet the specified criteria, they can purchase a 360 litre recycling bin for £50 - they cannot purchase a larger black bin. For further information on how to recycle please check our Together we can get our recycling right leaflet

If you find that you are still having difficulties managing your waste, you can contact Customer Services on 01284 757320.

If circumstances change, for example when a baby is no longer in nappies, or somebody leaves the property, the bin size will revert to the standard 240 litre refuse bins. We maintain the right to downsize or remove containers if we find the need is no longer required.

We will check the information you provide in your request to help us make an assessment and may visit you to make sure that you are recycling as much as possible. The information supplied will only be used for the purpose of assessing waste arrangements; however, it may be cross-referenced with council records. We reserve the right to request proof of eligibility for this service at any time for all residents including children, and a waste audit may be carried out at any time to make sure you're recycling as much as possible.

If larger bins are required due to the waste generated from any business or commercial activity, including childminding, holiday lets or cottages, please contact our Commercial Services team on 01284 758800 or email

Larger bins will be clean and useable, but they may not be new.

The data you give us will be processed in accordance with our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

We reserve the right to review larger bins periodically and may withdraw them if circumstances have changed.

If you would like to be considered for larger capacity recycling and refuse bins, please contact Customer Services on 01284 757320 to discuss it.

How long will it take for my bin to arrive?

The time it takes us to deliver bins can change depending on operational constraints, however we will deliver your bin as soon as practically possible.

Our Customer Services team will advise you of the current timescale when you speak to them.