Assisted bin collection service

We provide an assisted collection service for residential properties within our district that meet the eligible criteria.

All requests will be dealt with on an individual basis and the assistance may be provided by changing the point of collection, the bin provided or both.

Please contact customer services to apply.

Residents that qualify for an assisted collection service must, on the day of collection by 6:15am:

  • leave any gates unlocked
  • make sure pets are not loose in their garden or yard
  • make sure the bin is accessible

On the day of your collection, the crew will either collect and empty your wheeled bin(s) or take your bags from an agreed place on your property and will return them to the same place.

Other help

If you do not want an assisted collection but still need help, a smaller wheeled bin may be better for you? The smaller bin is narrower and holds less waste, making it lighter. If you would like to request to swap your bins for smaller bins, please contact customer services.

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