Which bin do I use?

We operate a three bin system in West Suffolk.

Blue bin

Dry recyclables such as paper, cardboard, tins and plastic bottles and containers, for a comprehensive list, read our leaflet: Getting your recycling right


We don’t recycle glass in our blue bins because the glass can easily break. Broken glass mixed in with recycling can cause two main problems:

  • it can contaminate the materials such as paper and plastic, with glass shards making them harder to recycle and reducing their value, and
  • all of our recycling is sent to be sorted at the Materials Recycling Facility in Great Blakenham, where some of the materials are picked out by hand. Broken glass can put the sorting staff at risk of injury.

Instead of using the blue bins to recycle please take glass to glass bring sites. To find out where to recycle glass in your area see the information on the recycling and recycling centres page

Battery recycling

You need to take batteries to your local recycling point. These can be found at supermarkets and larger retailers as well as your local recycling centre.

Brown bin

Compostable garden waste only. Kitchen waste such as tea bags and peelings should be composted at home. Find out more about the Garden Waste Collection Service

Home composting

This is the most environmentally friendly way to treat your garden and kitchen waste. We offer cut price home composting bins through our partners at Get composting

To find out more about becoming an expert on home composting visit: Green Suffolk, master composters

Black bin

Any other domestic waste that will be taken to be converted to energy to be used as fuel, you can find out more from Green Suffolk, energy from waste