Keep your wheelie bin fresh this summer

Wheelie bins are designed to keep your waste safe until they are emptied. It is up to you to keep your bin clean.

How can I prevent flies and maggots?

During the hotter weather, the occurrence of flies increases.  Taking a few precautions will reduce the level of flies and maggots gathering in your bin. Maggots in wheelie bins only exist if flies have been allowed to have access to rubbish such as food waste or nappies. If flies settle on this type of rubbish they may lay eggs, which will then hatch into maggots.

  • Make sure that you never leave any food, including pet food, uncovered. Flies can lay eggs on food before you have a chance to put it in the appropriate bin.
  • Double bag food/pet waste before tying and putting it into the bin. This will reduce smells and slow down development of any fly eggs in the waste.
  • Place any food waste, including pet food, immediately into your bin to avoid attracting flies and wasps which can lay eggs.
  • Squeeze air out of waste bags before securely tying and putting in the bin. The lack of air will slow down general decomposition, reduce smells and slow the development of maggots.
  • If nappies are included in your waste double bag these or consider using reusable nappies.
  • Ensure that the lid of your wheelie bin is kept closed.
  • Place scrunched up balls of newspaper at the bottom of your bin with sheets of newspaper over to keep it dry. The paper soaks up any liquids that may escape from the bags.
  • Recycle all the materials possible, so that general refuse is minimized and the bin lid remains shut.
  • Rinse food packaging that cannot be recycled to reduce the risk of smells.
  • Try to keep the bin in shady areas out of direct sunshine as the sun will warm up the bin, increasing the smell and attracting flies.
  • Ensure that the lid of your wheelie bin is kept closed to prevent animals and flies getting in.
  • Rinse your bin out regularly and keep it clean, you can use disinfectant or warm soapy water. If you don't want to clean it yourself, you may want to get in touch with professional bin cleaners who may operate in your area.

If your bin is broken, contact us to arrange a repair or replacement

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