My bin hasn't been emptied

Coronavirus iconBin collections are being significantly impacted by staff absence during the coronavirus epidemic. Our staff are working hard to maintain our usual services.

If your bin has not been emptied, double check that:

  • you have the correct collection day - visit Find my nearest, enter your postcode into the Search for a location box and select your address. Your bin collection information will be in the Waste and recycling section.
  • the collection day has not changed because of a public holiday
  • other bins in your street haven't been emptied.
  • the right waste has been put in the right colour bin - a sticker or notice with instructions of what to do will be left on your bin if the wrong waste has been put in. For more information see our Together we can get our recycling right leaflet.

We may have been unable to access your bin due to road closure or other blockage. The crews will return at a later time to try again to empty the bins.

Reporting unemptied bins

If you have checked the above and your bin was out correctly, then please contact customer services to report your bin as not emptied.

  • Unemptied blue or black bins can be reported from 3pm on the scheduled day of collection.
  • Unemptied brown garden waste bins can be reported from 4:15pm on the scheduled day of collection.
  • All unemptied bins must be reported within two working days after the original collection day. If reported after that time, the crews will not return to empty the bin.

To make a report, please provide:

  • your full address and a phone number in case we need to contact you for additional information or to respond to your report.
  • where your bin stands to be emptied, for example kerbside at your property, or in a specific collection point along with other peoples bins
  • time and day the bin was put out for emptying
  • have other same-colour bins been emptied in your road?

We will return to empty black or garden bins if reported in accordance with the above guidance.

Contaminated bins

If your bin is put out for collection containing wrong items, it will not be emptied. This is to prevent the whole vehicle load being contaminated, which may result in it being rejected for recycling.

Our crews regularly check the recycling bins to make sure they are free from non-recyclable items before they empty it. If the bin contains wrong items, it will not be emptied and the crew will leave a sticker on the bin informing you of the incorrect items. Residents must remove the wrong items and dispose of them correctly. We will then be able to empty your bin on the next scheduled collection date. We do not return to empty bins that have been reported as contaminated.

If you are unsure what goes into your blue recycling bin, please check our Together we can get our recycling right leaflet.

Side waste

We do not collect unauthorised side waste. Please put any additional waste in your bin after it has been collected or take it to one of the household waste recycling centres.

Frozen bins

For tips to try and avoid frozen bins, and other information regarding waste collections during cold weather, please read Waste collections in colder weather

Waste guide

The waste guide has been created for residents who would like a concise document about how to deal with unwanted items that are no longer needed. It includes information about recycling, general waste bins, bring banks, recycling centres, bulky waste collection service, waste reduction.