My bin hasn't been emptied

If your bin has not been emptied, double check that:

  • You have the correct collection day - visit Find my nearest, enter your postcode into the Search for a location box and select your address. Your bin collection information will be in the Waste and recycling section.
  • The collection day has not changed because of a public holiday.
  • Other bins in your street haven't been emptied. We aim to complete all bin collections by 3.30pm each day.
  • The right waste has been put in the right colour bin - a sticker or notice with instructions of what to do will be left on your bin if the wrong waste has been put in. For more information see Getting your recycling right

Missed black or garden waste bins

We will only return to empty missed black or garden waste bins, and we aim to return within two working days of receiving your report.

Please note - we will not return to empty contaminated bins (that is the wrong waste in the bin)

Missed blue bin

If we have not emptied your blue bin, and it is not contaminated with incorrect waste, we will not return to collect it. This is because we will not be able to guarantee the material you have carefully sorted will be recycled. Instead, if you would like them, we can send you our West Suffolk branded recycling sacks, for you to leave next to your blue bin on your next scheduled collection. Only recycling in West Suffolk branded bags will be collected, bins containing bagged recycling will be rejected.

No access

If we have been unable to access your bin due to road closure or other blockage, we will attempt to return twice during the same day. If there is still no access, we will attempt collection again the following working day. Please contact the Customer Service Team for West Suffolk branded refuse and recycling sacks if we are unsuccessful.

If none of these apply then contact Customer Services within 48 working hours of your scheduled collection day.