Bins, recycling and street cleaning

The vast majority of our residents make sure their waste is disposed of responsibly, but fly tipping is still something we have to deal with. To make sure your waste doesn't end up being disposed of illegally, follow the advice in our tripping up the tippers campaign and on our Fly-tipping page. You could get a fine of up to £5,000 if your waste is found fly tipped.

Residents are also asked not to burn waste at home as this creates air pollution and causes a nuisance to your neighbours. Fires can quickly get out of control and the fire service is reporting an increase in call outs.

In West Suffolk, we recycled 38.2 per cent in 2020-21. Recycling for both residents and businesses is easy with our kerbside collections and 174 bring sites. To find out more about what you can recycle as part of our blue bin recycling collections why not take a look at our together we can get our recycling right leaflet? For more tips on reducing, reusing and recycling, the Suffolk Waste Partnership website Suffolk Recycles is packed with offers, tips and ideas.

Reduce waste

We’re asking residents to help cut down on the amount of waste they produce by:

  • reducing food waste by following our #foodsavvy tips
  • getting your recycling right by only putting the right items in your recycling bin
  • Suffolk recycling centres have reopened. You will need to book a time slot online to deposit waste at your local recycling centre. Please do not go to a recycling centre without a booking
  • start composting at home by taking advantage of our great subsidised offers on our Suffolk Recycles - Home composting webpages
  • getting crafty - think of all the fun you can have reusing packaging to make junk models with your kids! Here's a few ideas for starters!

Garden Waste Collection Service

Subscriptions for the year that runs until 31 May 2024 have now closed. Subscriptions for the next year, which begins on 1 June 2024 will open in April.

Dog waste and litter bins

Litter bins may also be used for dog waste. If no bin is available, please take your litter and waste home and place it in your black bin.

Waste guide

The waste guide has been created for residents who would like a concise document about how to deal with unwanted items that are no longer needed. Landlords, housing associations and estate agents are strongly encouraged to include this document in their 'Residents welcome pack'. The document is designed to work both electronically and on paper too, so can be sent by email or printed out depending on the requirements. It meets the accessibility criteria to reach as many people as possible.

It includes information about:

  • recycling and general waste bins
  • garden waste collection service
  • presentation and storage of wheeled refuse bins
  • bring banks
  • charity shops and recycling centres
  • bulky waste collection service
  • waste reduction campaigns
  • volunteering opportunities

Please check the website for the latest updates on collections as these can be subject to updates.

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